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As you know, all in-person middle school sports have been postponed until further notice. Despite this, we’re forging ahead with a goal of offering sports-specific online classes through December 2020, including the following: Football, Cross Country, Girls Volleyball, Soccer, and Basketball. Additionally, we’ll offer courses in Cycling/Biking. These courses will be made available to students at all three BUSD middle schools.

We understand the benefits of in-person sports and recognize the limitations of our current situation. We expect that these classes will nevertheless leverage the power of physical activity to get more kids engaged, promote health and character development, and ultimately improve learning outcomes. Updates about all LEARNS Sports online clinics will go out via the Willard Update and students will get word via Mr. Albeck’s Willard Word updates.

We look forward to serving our students in person again, and hope that opportunity comes sooner than later. In the meantime, we hope our youth and families find these alternatives both fun and beneficial.

From your Berkeley LEARNS Athletics Team

Questions?: joshchurch@berkeley.net

Below please find some information about previous sports seasons at Willard — this information is NOT applicable for this Fall 2020-21 School Year but an example of what we have done in the past, and hope to do in the future!

Below is a general guideline for previous Willard sports seasons; actual tryouts dates and season duration vary. Finding solid coaches has historically been the biggest challenge to running teams, so all info below relies on our ability to get good help.

Cross Country:  2nd week of school year until end of October
Girls Volleyball, 7th & 8th grade:  1st week of school year until end mid-October
Flag Football:  1st week of school year until end of October
Co-ed Soccer: Early October until mid-December

Girls Basketball: mid-October until mid-December
Boys Basketball: late October until early March

Girls Softball:  mid-February until late April
Co-ed Ultimate:  late February until late May
Baseball:  early March until late May
Girls Volleyball, 6th grade: early March until mid-May
Track & Field:  mid-March until late May

Tryouts a.k.a. auditions: Willard LEARNS Sports teams rosters are formed after students audition for roster slots. Our coaches seek many attributes during tryouts, including: teamwork, positive attitude, attention, effort, following instructions, skill, intrinsic motivation.

Students must be intrinsically motivated: Students must choose for themselves to participate in Willard LEARNS Sports. Students who participate only at the behest of families lack the proper, intrinsic motivation to work hard and excel. Only intrinsically motivated students are coachable, and as such will only be considered for team rosters.

Student/Parent Contract: All participants must agree to the terms of this Student/Parent Contract.

LEARNS Registration required: All Willard LEARNS Sports teams are part of Willard LEARNS After School program. Students who are selected for team rosters must register for LEARNS if not already registered.

Required Health Forms: Students will need to have submitted the following forms, including physician’s stamp and signature prior to participating in tryouts for any/all LEARNS Middle School Sports team tryouts, practices, competitions, and/or clinics. Links to forms are below and hard copies are available in the Willard Main Office:

Health Certification for Participation in Sports Activities (Requires Physican stamp/signature)*

Medical Treatment Authorization Waiver

*Need an exam but not sure where to go?
While some students are served by Kaiser, Kiwi Pediatrics, private practice physicians, etc.,  Dr. Konstantin (see below) has gained notoriety for serving the local community by providing low-cost medical clearances for aspiring athletes, and often without an appointment.
Dr. John Konstantin
2584 MacArthur Blvd
Oakland, CA 94602

Willard LEARNS Sports Athletic Director: Josh Church, joshchurch@berkeley.net