A big thank you to all that participated in WillardGive! Over 125 individuals (and counting) made a gift in support of student programs and activities at Willard Middle School. More details will be shared soon on the Willard Update e-tree.

If you’d like to make a gift today to the Willard Fund, of course it’s not too late!

Let’s make a concerted investment in our children’s education and in the school we love.

Make a Gift Today!
Help the Willard Fund grow and be part of the fun!
Use the yellow Donate button on this page to make your contribution.
Spread the word – Share our Facebook event page and invite friends.

What Is WillardGive?
It’s a one-day push on March 12 to raise money for the Willard Fund, money raised by the Willard PTA through direct giving. All gifts support programs that nurture our kids.

Why Give?
We need your support to keep our programs strong. Willard PTA spends $200 per student each year on school programs like:

  • Supplies—everything from soccer balls to test tubes to art supplies
  • $300 stipend each for 45 teachers and staff to spend on their students
  • Growing Leaders, our AMAZING cooking and gardening program
  • Athletic program—More than 300 student athletes play on Willard sports teams
  • School-wide events like the Back to School Welcome Dinner, Spring Day, Pi Week, and 8th Grade Graduation Festivities
  • Field trips

How Do I Give?
Use the Donate button on this page to donate any amount you choose by credit card. You can also choose recurring payments. No donation is too small (or too big!). All donations are tax-deductible. Willard PTA’s Tax ID number is 94-6174782.

When Do I Give?
WillardGive is on Tuesday, March 12th. (Of course, you are welcome to make a gift to the Willard Fund any day you choose.)

For more information, contact fund@willardmiddleschool.org.

We hope you’ll help make our first-ever WillardGive a success!